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Memoirs of a GLAMorous Disaster!

Pretty, Paid and Privileged! If you don't know ME it sucks to be YOU.

GLAM I am!
6 June
Keep up with the Jones'? No. Try... I AM the JONES'! LOL! I'm trying to keep up with the Gates! ;P

Money... is this girls BESTFRIEND. Beautiful as the sunset, Respect is earned, never given. I try to be friendly although I am not very good at it. Jealousy is a sickness... there are alot of sick bitches around me! GET WELL SOON! Hahahaha! You couldn't walk a mile up in my Christian Diors and before I'd let you try I'd buy you a pair. I FUCKIN' LOVE MY LIFE! I'm a POOR little rich girl... always had something but never felt it was enough. Some call it ungrateful. I call it determined. Winning is EVERYTHING! Materialistic yet your heart is my biggest my most valued possession. I might like you today and hate you tomorrow but that doesn't mean I can't love you. Very blunt, straight forward, outspoken and definitely wishy-washy. Sometimes a BITCH but never address me as so.

What can I say? I have an insatiable appetite for wanting life's BEST. I'm Pretty. I'm Paid and I'm Privileged. If you don't know me... it sucks to be YOU!

These are my Memoirs... -GLAM